In Memory of Chartwell Dutiro

One of the key figures in popularising the Zimbabwean Mbira tradition that spans thousands of years, Chartwell Dutiro sadly passed away in late September.

As a musician and educator, Chartwell leaves an extraordinary legacy, not least here at Wiltshire Rural Music where he performed in both our recent projects; Music On The Move and Music On Your Doorstep. Anyone lucky enough to have met him will have been swept away by his boundless love of music, his talent as both performer and teacher, building bridges between nationalities through the common language of music.

We were lucky enough to have worked with Chartwell most recently in the small village of Shrewton, where he performed alongside his partner Jori on the mbira. He gave a wonderful workshop on an instrument many people had never even seen before, let alone heard. Then he welcomed our cello/violin duo into the circle for an unforgettable cultural collaboration.

Everyone here at Wiltshire Rural Music would like to say thank you to Chartwell for those moments he generously gave us. We would of course also like to send our fondest regards to his friends and family, who we are thinking of at this time. Chartwell’s children, Shorai, Kuda and Handina, have recorded this moving song (with Willem Pienaar on guitar) to raise funds to repatriate Chartwell Dutiro to his ancestors in Zimbabwe. You can buy the song for £1 but are welcome to donate more if you wish. All proceeds go towards the cost of repatration. The children are doing this on behalf of their other siblings, Melodiq Dutiro, Preacher Man, Junior Musiyamwa Dutiro, Paidymoyo, Vimbai and Taku.

There is also a GoFundMe page if you would prefer to donate there and leave a condolence message: